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Powergrip® Timing Belt
Designed to handle a wide speed range and constant, synchronous drive power requirements, common to overhead camshaft applications. Meets or exceeds OEM performance requirements. Strong, fibreglass tensile cords, helically wound to provide increased flexibility and resistance to elongation.
Durable backing material reinforces the belt and protects it against grease, oil drops, moisture and wear. Trapezoidal, curvilinear or modified curvilinear profile, depending on the application. Precision-formed teeth provide positive engagement with the mating grooves on the sprocket and reduce noise level. Tough facing prevents wear caused by friction.

Compound in HNBR (HSN), ACSM, high-temperature polychloroprene or polychloroprene, depending on the application

Powergrip® Kit
Gates Powergrip timing belt kitTiming belts and metal components combined in one package. Today 's highly sophisticated and compact engines make life harder on timing belts, idlers and tensioners. Therefore, simultaneous and preventive replacement of belt and metal components before the expected lifetime is reached, is highly recommended.
Each kit contains, depending on the application:
1 or 2 timing belts; 1,2 or 3 idlers/tensioners; metal support plates; installation instructions; mileage sticker.
All components are handily packed in a cardboard box.
Micro-V® multi-ribbed belt

This low-profile and flexible belt perfectly meets original equipment requirements.Gates ' Micro-V® multi--ribbed belt offers superb efficiency on today 's high-speed drives with small diameter pulleys.

Special belt constructions eliminate belt noise,reduce tension loss and solve problem drive applications.
Micro-V® features include:
Low-profile and longitudinal V-ribs ensure excellent flexibility, reduce internal heat build-up and increase belt stability.
Strong polyester cords improve load-carrying capacity and lessen tension decay.
Fibre-reinforced rubber compound resists oil drops,wear and pilling.
V-ribs perfectly fit the pulley grooves ensuring excellent flexibility.
Polyester reinforced cover protects the belt against possible damage and wear caused by a back idler/tensioner
Bandless moulded cog V-belt

Technologically advanced and highly flexible V-belt, designed for drives in passenger cars and light-duty vehicles.

Features include:
Round cogs ensure maximum heat dissipation and uniform stress distribution.
High-strength tensile cords, flex-bonded with the surrounding rubber,assuring excellent length stability.
Cross-cord layers supporting the tensile cords increase lateral belt stability.
Top Flex-Weave® fabric layers make the belt resilient and flexible.
Oil,wear and heat resistant.
Fibre-reinforced rubber compound.
Ground sidewalls improve dimensional accuracy.
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