Switchs and Sensors
The symbol of Precision and Technology
Commercial Ignition is a major distributor of electrical motor components in the UK, with a strong presence in export markets throughout the world, offering commitment to quality and service at every level.
The broad coverage of CI's product range is an essential part of the company's service commitment. The programme includes more than 35 product ranges with over 2,000 part numbers. Commercial Ignition incorporates one of the widest and most progressive product portfolios within the UK electrical aftermarket, supplying quality replacement parts for almost every ignition system application on a modern vehicle.
Within our chosen product areas, the company seeks to provide a single source for quality replacement parts with products that are designed to be compatible with the performance of the original parts.
Electrifying Quality

Auto-electrics is one of the most progressive and fast moving areas of the aftermarket, with manufacturers constantly driving towards sophisticated new solutions in electronic systems and components.

Commercial Ignition is responding to these change with quality aftermarket products. As new electronics are built into the production vehicles, we have the responsiveness and technical skills to keep pace, constantly updating one of the most comprehensive ranges available. This strength in development is part of major commitment to the auto-electrical aftermarket.

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