Spark Plugs and Heater Plugs

When it comes to spark plugs, NGK is the World Leader. Makers of spark plugs for virtually every automotive, motorcycle, marine and small engine application, NGK dominates.
Tried, Tested and Proven
As a world leading OE supplier to the major car manufacturers, NGK are committed to providing components designed to meet their specific requirements. As a result, each and every product manufactured by NGK is designed to meet the most rigorous standards, thereby delivering reliability and consistent performance under all conditions.
NGK Glow Plugs
Well functioning and reliable glow plugs are decisive helpers for each cold start. Through intensive research and trendsetting developing work, NGK always offers the latest state of the art technology and in additions sets the glow plug technology standards.
NGK glow plugs ensure fast ignition and thus environmentally friendly combustion, even at temperatures below freezing point, by guaranteeing optimum ignition conditions for the injected foil through the thermal energy transported into the combustion chamber.
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