Air, Oil, Fuel, Pollen and Cabin Filters
Mahle's comprehensive range of oil filters, air filters and fuel filters for cars are the first choice wherever the application demands engine protection at no sacrifice to performance.Mahle filters are specially designed to meet the demands of today's high precision fuel injection systems and Mahle filters are fitted as OE by many major manufactures.
Mahle Cabin air filters, pollen filters, catch up to 99.5% of particles contained in the outside air, including dust, spores, soot, and tyre wear. "LAK," the new generation of MICROSTAR cabin air filters by Mahle, features an additional activated-carbon shield to protect against unpleasant odours as well as gaseous and aerosol toxins. These new Mahle cabin air filters can also render even high ozone values harmless.
Air filters for cars are made of recyclable plastic material, Mahle's air filter systems are both sturdy and extremely light.
These systems efficiently suppress intake and structure-borne noises. The filter cartridges are free of metal and warrant dust separation rates of up to 99.9 %; these filters last longer and can be exchanged at much longer maintenance intervals.
Mahles's retail program contains a complete range of filter elements in guaranteed OEM quality.
Modern fuel injection systems create high demands on fuel preparation.
MAHLE offers, apart from standard filter modules, fuel filter systems which are particularly coordinated with the customer's requirements.
Diesel filters are available with additional functions such as water separation, pressure limitation and sensor systems.
Full-flow oil filters optimize narrow space, integrate previously isolated parts and considerably reduce assembly work while simultaneously serving as system supports for other units and modules.

This environmentally-friendly oil filter element is easily exchanged and full thermal disposal is possible.
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