Engine management is the electronic control of an engine’s ignition and fuel systems. Many components are required to facilitate this. Fuel Parts UK offer a complete range from the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) through a range of electrical connectors to the sensors and, including,
Water, air and fuel temperature sensors
Throttle potentiometers
Air flow and mass meters
Crank and cam sensors
MAP (manifold absolute pressure) sensors
Knock sensors
Other management system components supplied by Fuel Parts UK Ltd include,
Idle air valves
Throttle stepper motors
Fuel injectors and overhaul kits
Single point injection service kits
Fuel pressure regulators
Warm up valves
Fuel metering heads
Due to the range of components covered by this heading it is outside of the scope of this page to highlight specific failures or problems. For more information concerning the various sensors please refer to Fuel Parts UK Ltd technical tips.

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