Shaftec have been successfully remanufacturing quality CV Joints and Driveshafts for 30 years dating back to 1978. We are the oldest remanufacturer of Driveshafts and CV Joints in the UK. Since launching our own “Shaftec Brand” in 1995 we have become a major remanufacturer and distributor of automotive components to the replacement after market.
Product Quality and Warranties
All Shaftec Products offer a 24,000 mile, 24 month - No Quibble guarantee
All Shaftec products are fully remanufactured to the highest quality, including all CV Joints CNC reground or OE matched quality, and including NEW – conforming to ISO9001/2000, qs9000, VDA6.1, DIN 50021-55 and EEC53/2000 Quality Standards.
The latest Shaftec ranges Include:
New and Remanufactured CV Joints
Each Remanufactured CV Joint is CNC precision Re-ground and all CV Joints are re-threaded. Our range consists of 1120 part numbers. Our New CV Joints are a quality manufactured product and the range consists of 1000 part numbers. Each CV Joint includes: CV Boot, 2 Steel Bands, Grease Sachet, Hub Nut and relevant circlips as standard.
New and Remanufactured Driveshafts
Shaftec have a range of over 4000 Remanufactured Driveshaft part numbers and 500 New Driveshaft part numbers which are all supplied with hub nut, circlips, washers and roll pin when required.
Remanufacturing of Brake Calipers
All calipers are fully remanufactured to the highest quality to ISO 9001/2000 standards. Only the caliper housing is remanufactured, all other components are new as standard. The old caliper is completely stripped down and cleaned. All calipers are surface treated to pass a salt spray surface test to DIN 50021-55 standards and are then plated to fulfil EEC53/2000 end of life standards. Screw, fatigue, torque, high and low pressure tests are carried out above and beyond the capacity experienced on the vehicle.
The Product Range also includes:
Conventional Boot Kits, Universal/Stretchy Boot Kits, Universal Cut Down Boot, Bailcast ‘Duraboot’ Stretchy Boots, Radius Arms, Suspension Spheres, Hub Nuts and Fitting Tool and Accessories.
Shaftec offer a remanufacture and return service where we can offer a same day collection by 1.30pm. We also have 4 dedicated technical help lines for transmission products and Brake Calipers providing you with an essential means of support.
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