Quinton Hazell has nearly 40 product groups...

...and over 36,000 part numbers, across six major product divisions. Each of the divisions, Cooling, Steering and Suspension, Transmission, Auto Electrics, Brakes & Hydraulics, Security, Filters, and Associated Products are quality led and endorsed by ISO approvals.

Aftermarket parts from Quinton Hazell are designed and engineered to perform to original equipment standards. This high quality is just one of many key factors behind our growing OE success, with Quinton Hazell parts being used in the manufacture of new product vehicles both for high volume and luxury vehicles alike.
Dual Mass Flywheels

Dual Mass Flywheels are fitted in one in five vehicles today. Luk are O.E on Audi, Mercedes, Peugeot, BMW, Renault, VW, Ford, Seat, Vauxhall, Skoda, Mitsubishi and Rangerover.

The huge increase in the registration of light commercial vehicles such as the Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit and others brings great opportunities for the pro-active garage. These vehicles are doing exceptionally high mileages that very quickly bring them out of the manufacturers warranty.

Many of these vehicles utilize the latest technology; dual mass flywheels, concentric slave cylinders, and self adjusting cover assemblies.

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