Brake Pads
The new European standards for aftermarket brake pads requires that the friction material should perform within + or - 15% of Original Equipment performance. Each 'E' marked pad is independently performance tested for compatibility, including speed sensitivity, against original equipment pads. All apec references that are required to meet this standard are now 'E' marked and continuous testing will ensure further references being introduced will also carry the same mark
Brake Discs
Apec disks are cast and machined in the EC under controlled conditions, undergoing a series of stringent tests. Where surface ground disks are specified by a manufacturer, Apec disks are surface ground. It is recommended that brake disks are fitted as a matched pair.
Brake Shoes
All Apec's brake shoes are manufactured using quality lining materials which meet the demands of all current legislation.
Brake Drums
Apec's comprehensive range of brake drums are manufactured from premium quality castings too ensure consistency, durability and safety in use.
Fitting Kit
Fitting kits help achieve and maintain the highest standards of brake operation and efficiency whenever new pads and shoes are fitted. Fitment kit are available for both pads and shoes. Each kit contains enough parts needed for one complete axle. Apec also offer a comprehensive range of wear indicators. It is recommended to change these whenever new pads and brake shoes have been fitted.
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